Back-To-School Information and Forms
Olentangy Schools

School starts Aug. 15, 2024

Dear Oak Creek families,

Parents and guardians should access and fill out all mandatory Back to School forms, including important contact and emergency medical information, located in the PowerSchool Parent Portal by Aug. 30, 2024. The forms, as well as class schedules, teacher assignments, and bus route information will be accessible in PowerSchool beginning Aug. 8, 2024. 

Once you have completed the forms, your child’s record in PowerSchool will be updated. This will ensure that you receive important communications from your building and the district. Parents may revisit the form throughout the year to update phone numbers, email addresses, and contacts. For more information, view the Back-to-School Forms and PowerSchool Update instructions.

NOTICE: Parents who do not have their PowerSchool login information should contact their school building. 

Important back-to-school information and forms can be found at the links below.

Food Service Forms

Important Dates

Oak Creek Elementary


Please follow these instructions to keep our children as safe as possible:

  • Be kind. Yield to those cars that are along the sidewalk. Our children are important and 3-5 extra minutes are not worth more than their safety.
  • Please put the cell phones away. Distracted driving increases the risk for our children.
  • Pulling out of line to get to the stop sign first blocks cars following the directive of moving to the first spot. This makes it difficult to get into the drive-away lane and creates longer drop off lines.
  • Pull forward to the first spot. When you do not pull forward, then our process takes longer. It is actually healthy to add a few more steps in your child’s routine.
  • Please do not get out of the car or encourage your child to give one last kiss, hug, or high five. This requires the student to move back toward the curb and a moving car.
  • Keep your eyes on the traffic and not on your student. Staff members are monitoring and students will be guided into the building.
  • Place your child on the left side of the vehicle. It is an additional risk to have your child exit on the other side of the car.  

Maximizing student safety is our top priority. Thank you for helping us put children first!

Pumpkins and Thanksgiving food
Kristin Newman

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. What a wonderful time to celebrate as a family! As an Oak Creek Family, we would like to help make sure this is an enjoyable and happy time for everyone. We are asking for donations to help create Thanksgiving dinners for families in our community that may otherwise not enjoy this holiday meal. This is a tradition that was started several years ago and because of your generosity, we are able to give Thanksgiving meals to several Oak Creek families each year.

Food Donation List by Class